DMC Mentor Program

DMC Stitching Mentors share their love of cross stitch and embroidery. Lesson plans, resources, and tips are provided.

DMC Mentor Program

Thank you for your interest in the DMC Mentor Program! We are proud of our DMC Mentors, who share their passion for stitching and expertise with others. DMC Mentors help keep the art of stitching alive and thriving for generations.

We are currently reviewing our DMC Mentor Program and will no longer be accepting new Mentors under the present guidelines. Stay tuned for changes in the future. If you are an existing DMC Mentor, we will continue to support you with kits and teaching materials to help you share the joy of stitching. Just sign in as always.

Join the Handmade Revolution!

DMC is proud to announce the launch of the Handmade Revolution! Powered by our community of stitchers and artisans, new Commonthread by DMC is dedicated to providing you with a true handmade experience by delivering the finest materials for DIY and handcrafts as well as exclusive artisan goods.

Our mission is to guide you through your creative journey as you build a life handmade, encompassing the passion of making, giving and community. Commonthread by DMC includes tutorials, projects, inspiration, finished artisan goods, and a brand new ecommerce website that is fun and easy to use. Please visit and sign up!

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