Banded Huck Towel


Banded Huck Towels are set apart by the 3” 14-count woven-in Aida band. The overall towel size is 15” x 25”. You can create interesting designs above and below the Aida on the huck weave using Swedish weaving techniques. 100% cotton. One FREE Pam Kellogg cross stitch design with specially marked towels.

Care & Washing

After stitching, hand wash in lukewarm water with a mild liquid soap. Rinse in cold water. Let dry flat.

How to Use

Find the center of the aida band by folding the towel in half. The point where the fold meets is the center. A small basting stitch, or DMC Soluble Pen can be used to mark the spot. Confirm the accuracy by counting out from the center point. The arrows on the free chart provided mark the center of the design. Begin stitching at the center and work outward.

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